Re: A question for Don

Dan Hummel

As for the DEC clamp, it's essential for dismantling this scope. To counterbalance all the gear we have strapped to the secondary cage we have over 70 pounds of steel bolted to the base of the mirror bucket. This scope didn't lend itself well to modifications. Once the secondary and trusses are removed, the tub is extremely bottom heavy. To lift the mirror assembly out of the bucket requires either a super human effort to lift it straight up or tilt the bucket as close to horizontal as possible. The feeler stock has no chance in supporting that much force. Without that clamp we would need a mobile crane.

And yes, how accurately can you bend a steel pipe. And will it stay bent that way. We depend heavenly on mount modeling and hope we don't run over a mosquito . To do it again we would salvage the optics, scrap the drive and start from scratch.

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