Re: Meridian Flip Settings Explained

Russell R

Hi Don & Martin,

Don, in post #32972 you stated "Also you are using the WRONG terminology - you are NOT platesolving at all." and "There are so many problems with your procedure that I can't help you at all."  That's not exactly true.  Martin only initialized his mount, and used the platesolve in SGP after a slew to center on target.  I understood that you threw in the towel Don, I apologize for that.  I'm glad to see you are still trying to help Martin.  We need your expertise.

Martin, I understand your issue, because of the small dome and high shutter, you want to image past meridian, but flip at the meridian for gotos.

I suggested using a mount model because it does deal with flips, by pointing on the east side first, then flipping to the west, or visa versa.  It deals with objects below pole and it moves the mount to accommodate the rotation of a dome, all done automatically.   If it works for Martin with normal GEM settings, which keeps weights down, then I would like to see what happens when he would move the meridian limits for what he wants to do.   This is a test, without using SGP to command moves or platesolve, to stop the "mirror slew move" under pole, that's all.  I never said it would solve his problem. 

If it does work, the issue I have is that continually moving elevated shutter...........hmmm.  Maybe you should just get a bigger dome Martin......?

Good luck,
Russell R.


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