Re: A question for Don

Dan Hummel

Halfheimer's can be a bugger. Its a running joke with my partner that it's taking so long to finish this project that by the time we get done we will have forgotten how to use it. We installed a Renishaw on the RA axis long ago. As we remember we couldn't get servo config to accept the correct tick count. We thought we had used Tick Determination to get the values entered but that must have been faulty memory cells. I just tried to enter a new altitude value in the Servo Config Auto Tracking window and again couldn't get it to accept the values. For some reason it would accept up to 19,999,999 but not a tick more. I did discover that if I changed the value in a saved config file then load the controller with that file it would accept the new value. It even took the 134,217,728 count for twice the Renishaw resolution.

As for the Renishaw being an absolute encoder, there is a checkbox in the SiTechExe Mount Parms window to select Using Absolute Encoders. It was my impression that if this is unchecked we could use the higher ratio. Am I misunderstanding what that check box is for?

I'm going back to the drawing board and do my best to keep the ratio to 1: 1. It would be a shame not take advantage of two absolute encoders. Retro fitting this split ring has been a pain from the beginning. It always seems that I'm always trying to fit 5 pounds of crap in a 3 pound can.

Thanks again all for your help and patients.

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