Re: Meridian Flip Settings Explained

Russell R

Hi again Martin,

Like Don, I just looked at your video.  First, I don't do flips.... I use EQ mode and SGP, however I will ask you some dumb questions which you probably already answered.

Have you used the SiTech mount model? 

Let's try this:
Do you have another app like Astro Art?  If not just use SGP without sequence or platesolves, just the camera.
Tick the boxes for Platesolve in SiTech.exe
Using Sitech.exe make a horizon file if you don't have one and/or set altitude limits so that it's well under pole and above trees, shutters ect. Tick those boxes in SiTech.exe and restart.
Set your mount to normal GEM flip settings
Make 16 to 20 cal points script, it should automatically place some cal points under pole, (but I'm not sure about GEMs), press play.  How did it work?
Now, set your mount to the flip settings you want and clear the previous model script and restart SiTech.
Make another cal point script, again cal points should be under pole.  How did that work out?  

I just want to see if SiTech will navigate and solve on it's own, under your conditions.

SiTech & PXP is a hardy program.  Using my Alt Alt mode, I skewed PXP by 10 degrees from 0 before it blew up.

Non GEM user, :-)
Russell R.

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