Re: A question for Don

Dan Hummel

Thanks Russell, one of the great thing about the Sidereal system is the vast knowledge of its users group and there willingness to share with those of us with issues.

I misspoke when I talked about using tick management to determine ticks per scope revolution. What I meant to say was using Ticks Determination in servo config. After doing some research into the BISS interface and finding that the data is sent in packets, I had no worries about transition rates. My concerns is if the registers in the controller are large enough to handle the 130 plus million tick value and will it confuse the software trying to handle such a large number. At the moment I'm having a cabling issue with the controller, but I'm going to try to enter the value into the controller and then read it back. That will answer the first question. That still leaves the software issue unsettled. It would be nice to be sure this will work before I invest the time and material to build this mount. Any help out there would be greatly appreciated.

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