Quite a learning Curve - 2

Rusty Fletcher

Hello All,

I still haven't installed the motors on my telescope yet, but today, for the first time, I connected all the wires to the SiTech Servo 1 Controller and then connected a 12 Volt, 4 Amp, power supply just to test everything. Since my scope is ALT/AZ I will refer to everything accordingly. Facing the AZ motor shaft and using the handpad, it moves clockwise when I push the right key and counter-clockwise when I push the left key. Facing the ALT motor shaft, it moves clockwise when I push the up key and counter-clockwise when I push the down key. The hand pad and motors seem to work great! The problem is I don't think my COM Port connection is working correctly. SiTechExe is giving me 4 scrolling messages.(1) Not Initialized (2) Below Horizon limit (3) Reading Servo Parms and (4) Bad Scope Commun. I have configured the COM port to the correct port (COM 1) in the "Config" settings. I am getting two solid red LED lights on the controller. Can someone please help me. What am I missing? Feel free to call me if you want to help out. I can talk anytime today until midnight (Friday 4/22/2021) 512-393-4460. Thanks!

Problem solved... To my own surprise my USB to Serial COM Port adapter was also a Null Modem adapter all rolled up in one. I had forgotten that years ago when I purchased it... it was designed as a package deal. Using Mell Bartels software that was what I needed. All I did was use a second home-made null modem cable I had made several years ago in sequence with the first null modem cable and wow... it works! One null modem cable cancels out the other null modem cable. I had a good laugh when I got it working! It's quite a contraption... but it works!

Rusty Fletcher

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