A question for Don

Dan H

I saw your reply to Czar explaining the difference between a servo I and a servo II. You stated that the servo II can read a 65 million tics/rev encoder. We are trying to add a Renishaw encoder to the DEC axis to a split ring drive. It obviously can't be a direct drive so I'm working on an offset drive using 3/64 inch cables and pulleys. Not ideal, but better then we have now. Do to space constants it's going to be difficult to drive the encoder at a 1:1 ratio. It looks like it will be closer to a 2:1. We know we will have to use tic management to get the correct tic count. My question is will this increase in ticks per axis revolution of the scope be a problem for the Servo II even though the encoder is only 67 million tics per rev.

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