Re: Meridian Flip Settings Explained


Hi Don,

Hopefully you managed to view my video in the previous post?

I have a friend & fellow astro-imager who also has a Mesu e200 & SiTech controller. I realsised that I had only tried this & experieinced problems using SGP. I knew he was looking at Voyager as an SGP alternative so I asked him to view my video & try the same procedure with Voyager. We had a screen sharing session using Voyager and the behaviour was identical.

He was going to post the video but then got back to me with a very interesting discovery.

So I have produced another video to show our latest findings which I believe helps explain my plate solving experience as well as being extremely interesting in it's own right.

I know you said you had trouble viewing the previous video on your PC so I have produced it in 3 different formats & here are the links to each where they can be viewed or downloaded.

.MP4 version!AneSiXQRo7prjBZ9PA-GSn9eOElR?e=OlmrxS

.AVI version!AneSiXQRo7prjBWHuciLoHrbhrbL?e=jqbELC

.MOV version!AneSiXQRo7prjBf7x4wmJez8FUnx?e=vT9mOz

Without doubt this demonstrates the problem is not related to any connected equipment, client software, plate solvers, cameras or PC etc but seems specific to SiTech.exe.

I realise I keep posting about this, but for me, and anyone else wishing to use the Mesu e200 in it's 'flipless' configuration as a GEM, this problem will present itself sooner or later.

Just to summarise the requirements for this configuration & mode of operation:

  • The mount needs to operate in GEM mode.
  • I need to begin imaging counterweights down - be this in the east or west.
  • Therefore the mount needs to flip on GOTO's as a conventional GEM when acquiring a new target on the oposite side of both north & south meridians.
  • For this, it needs to flip at the genuine north & south meridians - not at a meridian that has been artificially moved by adusting limits.
  • The mount needs to track past both north & south meridians until the sky runs out without auto-flipping or stopping.
  • If the target is circumpolar the mount just needs to continue tracking until daylight.
If you can view the videos you'll see exactly what I'm talking about but the conclusion I've arrived at is that my problem could possibly be fixed by an option to remove or ignore the "Track Past Meridian Overlap" limit. At the moment this is a mandatory threshold but for my application I think it needs to be optional.

Please let me know your thoughts & I look forward to hearing from you.

Best wishes & have a good weekend

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