Re: Servo controller 1 vs 2 #question

Don W

Hi Czar,
The difference is the processor speed and the power output.  They use exactly the same SiTechexe, but have different internal software.  The processor speed limits the size of optical encoders that can be used on mount axis for the Servo I to about 1 mega tic or slightly less.   The Servo I can handle servo motors up to about 2.5 amps.

The Servo II  processor is much faster, letting it read much greater tics/rev for mount encoders - over 65 million tics/rev for each axis.  The Servo II can regulate up to around 4 amps for larger servos.

Cost is another factor, the Servo II costs a lot more.  The Servo II faster processor lets the use of greater tic/rev encoders on mount axis, so it can use what is called "Cascade" control of tracking rates, giving it much more accurate tracking than the Servo I.

Don W

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