Quite A Learning Curve

Rusty Fletcher

I have used Mel Bartels stepper motor telescope control system for more than 20 years. I recently decided to upgrade to the SiTech servo motor system. I purchased the motors and electronics about a week ago and have not yet done the physical upgrade to my scope. I am studying the manuals, help files, and currently trying to familiarize myself with the software and everything I need to know to control my telescope with this new system. Do I understand correctly that I can connect two laptops to the same serial port, at the same time, on the SiTech Servo 1 controller using a straight through DB-9 Serial "Y" splitter? The reason I am asking is I would like to run SiTechExe connected to the Servo 1 controller, and control my primary imaging camera with my first laptop, while running my guide scope software (PHD) and sending ASCOM guide commands directly to the Servo 1 Controller from a second computer. Can this be done simultaneously? Thank you for any advice!

Rusty F.

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