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Yann-Eric Boyeau

By the way,


For those who are interested in Mesu group :




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Hi Paul,


It might be the DEC axis encoder that was not tightened enough and got loose.

It is hidden in the counterweight bar housing under the DEC plate.

I already inspected these parts on my Mesu 200M mk1.


We might continue to discuss the issue on the Mesu group or send me a PM as this is not closely related to Sitech Controller.

If the Dec encoder is simply loosened, this is a small issue and easy fix.

Lucas can have a look with you by webcam.






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I'm not a Superstitious person, but it did occur to me a few posts back when I mentioned about my MESU 200 that 'nothing had ever gone wrong with it, that it might just be tempting fate.

So today I was doing some daytime tests with the dreaded meridian limits to work out a good eastern limt for my situation, and when I parked the mount, the Dec axis started sounding like a shaken bag of nails. I got the Sitech error

encoder tracking error

And the mount stopped moving which I guess is good.

Anyone got any experience of how to take the beast apart to inspect? There's lots of hex head bolts.....There used to be a MESU 200 forum on Yahoo, I'll see if I can find that too.


best wishes

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