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Yann-Eric Boyeau

Hi Paul,


It might be the DEC axis encoder that was not tightened enough and got loose.

It is hidden in the counterweight bar housing under the DEC plate.

I already inspected these parts on my Mesu 200M mk1.


We might continue to discuss the issue on the Mesu group or send me a PM as this is not closely related to Sitech Controller.

If the Dec encoder is simply loosened, this is a small issue and easy fix.

Lucas can have a look with you by webcam.






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I'm not a Superstitious person, but it did occur to me a few posts back when I mentioned about my MESU 200 that 'nothing had ever gone wrong with it, that it might just be tempting fate.

So today I was doing some daytime tests with the dreaded meridian limits to work out a good eastern limt for my situation, and when I parked the mount, the Dec axis started sounding like a shaken bag of nails. I got the Sitech error

encoder tracking error

And the mount stopped moving which I guess is good.

Anyone got any experience of how to take the beast apart to inspect? There's lots of hex head bolts.....There used to be a MESU 200 forum on Yahoo, I'll see if I can find that too.


best wishes

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