Re: Meridian Flip Settings Explained


Hi Paul, 
Yes that's it exactly. My observatory is small compared the the scope size. The dew shield is always very close to the dome walls & the shutter threshold is quite high. The difference in dew shield height between starting imaging with weights up/down is approx 1.6m. So if I begin imaging weights up either in the east or the west my scope can't always 'see' over the shutter threshold. That's why I need it to flip on goto's so that I can begin imaging a new target weights down. I'm happy for it to track past the Meridian until I run out of useful sky.

So my criteria are:
I need it to flip on goto's 
I need it to track past both Meridian
I need it to operate with the Meridian in the correct place; not st a Meridian that's been artificially moved to a different place in the sky.

Best wishes 

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