Re: Offset Init & flip during SGP sequencing


Hi Paul,
I've just thought about what you said & I think the dome movement is not so relevant here because it's under the control of SGP, not SiTech.

In my case the 2nd plate solve taking place without the dome moving is just 'collateral damage'. If I had a roll-on/roll-off roof or was in the open air it wouldn't matter because on the 2nd plate solve it would get a real image & slew back to where it should be.

I made a mistake in my previous reply. Instead of "Don's recommended settings" I mean't to say my original settings - that is the ones in the image I posted at the beginning of this thread.

But only if you have time.

I've been testing using the ASCOM Camera V2 Simulator. You can just enter your sensor details and load a jpg image taken with your camera from a previous occasion. So you can test regardless of conditions & even during the day if you choose an image of what's actually in the sky at that particular time.

Best wishes

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