Re: Meridian Limit and Unpark Question

Don W

Hi Josh,

I am finding out that 095P has some weird response to setting negative limits.  So be very careful with your settings and check those settings after you close ChangeConfig by opening ChangeConfig again.

When I set the West limit to -03:00:00, my East limit sets to -04:00:00 automatically (I can't change it).  With GEM Auto Flip Track unchecked, the mount will track to that -3 degree setting and stop.  This is what you want.

With GEM Auto Flip Go To checked, the mount will flip if you choose a target at less than 3 degrees EAST of the meridian.  I think you don't want that, so you just have to be careful.  You will control where the mount goes with GOTO's to avoid the ±3 degrees of the meridian.

I think this all will work for you, since you only track east to west (above the pole).

Good luck,
Don W

All of this is with the setting for Track Past Meridian Overlap set to zero.  If you don't have that = zero, then your mount will track past your -3 degrees.

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