Re: Meridian Limit and Unpark Question

Joshua Hufford

Thanks everyone. 

So if I understand it correctly, if I want the mount to stay 3 degrees away from the meridian on both sides all the way from north to south I would set the over the pole east and west limit to -03:00:00 and the under the pole to -177:00:00


Was clear last night and able to do some testing for the first time under stars, pointing and tracking was pretty good. With no point model all objects across the sky were within at most 2/3 from center of a 910mm scope and 8300 chip. A rough measurement of the PE looks like about 12 arc seconds peak to peak. Seeing was not too good so I couldn't really nail down the guide settings but I was able to guide long enough to get good stars at 10 minutes of exposure. 

Next clear night I'm going to work on getting a point model created and hopefully refine the guider settings. 


On Sun, Apr 11, 2021 at 6:07 PM MartinC via <> wrote:
No problem, it was good that there was a solution.

Best wishes

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