Re: Mesu 200 Mk2 Tracking stops close to equator

Jose Ignacio Sanchez Rodriguez

Hello Don,

Sorry it took some time to answer, but we are building at home adn this is a mess. I think you made a very good summary of the situation.
All mounts are prone to have problems, the important thing it to have the manufacturer by your side in order to solve them. As  users we need to offer the manufacturer some sort of evidence of the problem we claim we have. Given the nature of our hobby this might be a difficult and lengthy process. It is a well known fact that customers who have issues are more vocal about their experience with the product than customers who don´t have issues...I guess they are out there imaging, instead;) So I think it is easy to take things out of proportion and assume, out of a few cases, that these issues are general to the product. We are only looking at the numerator here. The denominator is hundreds of mounts out there that produce high quality images and make their owners very happy. Let´s not forget that.

There is a story from when Lucas first started to produce the MKI that involved a problem with a part from a third party supplier. Lucas ended up traveling around Europe to the affected owners houses to personally change the part and assure everything was ok. As I have mentioned before, so far the level of service I have received from Lucas has been at that level. So even if I´m not at a happy place right now, I feel confident we´ll find a solution.

Thanks all for your help and have a nice week,


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