Meridian Limit and Unpark Question

Joshua Hufford

Hello everyone, after a hiatus from imaging do to mount motor failure and just general life getting in the way I'm getting my imaging setup back up and running again. My MI-250 is now running with Pittman 9000 series servo motors instead of the stock Losmandy Gemini motors, should be a big improvement. 

First question about the meridian limit, is there a way to prevent the mount from tracking a few degrees before it hits the meridian? I tried entering a negative number in the meridian overlap setting, however it wouldn't accept it. I'd like to have my mount stop tracking three degrees before the meridian if possible. I'm guessing the Meridian Limit east and west boxes are where I would set this, but I'm not exactly sure what I need to input here. 

Also I have my park position set, however when I click UnPark I get a message saying the scope is not officially parked. Any idea why that is?

Lastly I'm running version .94N. Is this the latest version? If not what is? 



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