Re: Offset Init & flip during SGP sequencing


I'd like to agree with MartinC and Paul K.

I also have a bent knee pier, designed mainly to avoid meridian flips and any possibility of crashes, and I asked the question about setting limits before on a separate thread.

What I have done is set all limits to +/- 180 degrees, essentially moving everything to be between the ncp and the N horizon. I know this will probably be frowned upon, but in testing this appears to be all I can do to 'remove limits'.

I would like to see a simple switch in the software, turning limits off, with a simple pop up message 'are you sure, damage may result if incorrectly used' or similar, as is in use on other mount control systems I have seen. This would cater for people who do have the possibility of a pier crash.

I also disagree with the comment above about not imaging under the pole - ok, for people with a pier crash possibility, this is sound advice, but people have to take responsibility for their own actions. For people without this issue, there's no reason not to - ok, it's not abundant with targets for imaging, but take last year for example - Comet Neowise - a perfect example of set in the NW and rise in the NE. My observatory location has a fairly good NW to NE view so I would certainly look to be pointing in that area.

But, it's not always about imaging - I am an occasional observer and with my large refractor, I simply remove the imaging gear and fit a diagonal and eyepiece. If I want to point to the N, which I probably will do frequently as it's the darkest part of sky for me and is probably my best horizon taking into account the low skyline and lack of serious light pollution, then the advice of 'don't image' (or observe) under the pole doesn't work for me. Especially with a bent knee pier. Again, Comet Neowise would be a perfect example.

Regarding the initial error discussed about the plate solve then the mount slewing to a mirror opposite without any input from SGP, I am very interested to see if this is a bug. Unfortunately, my equipment is not set up so I can't run my Mesu e200 / SGP combination to see if it does the same, but look forwards to the resolution.

In conclusion, a 'switch off mount limits' button would be great, as I don't really care whether I am weights up or down for the majority of what I want to do.

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