Re: Mesu 200 Mk2 Tracking stops close to equator

Don W

Hi Paul,
Slippage anywhere in the drive is bad.  All slippage is dependent on the load and the level of friction.  Slippage is by definition when the friction is overcome and the two parts allow movement when you don't want any movement there.

So Slippage can be the friction drive wheel (like the Mesu Mount drive), it could be a set screw in a coupling or belt drive hub, or as Chuck mentioned the output drive gear in Pittman Servos is staked to the output shaft. Any and all of these cases "could" occur in a localized place in the sky - for instance due to balance where in part of the sky the motion is working against the balance load.  The cause of slippage doesn't know or care where you are pointing in the sky - it just slips when the friction isn't enough.

Generally the SiTech servos will be applying torque when tracking similar to when slewing.  The acceleration and deceleration of a heavy and especially a long refactor (lots of moment of inertia) is where the loads on the drive are higher.  If slippage is marginal during acceleration then SiTech can be set to reduce the acceleration forces.

Don W

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