Re: Mesu 200 Mk2 Tracking stops close to equator


Don, servo config has an excellent routine for determining tics per rev for friction drives. It does not require any “mount” encoders, just the Motor encoders. 


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Hi All,
I am a SiTech user since 2008 and one of the authors of the SiTech manuals (not written by Dan) in 2009.  I am also a moderator of the forum, along with Dan and Chuck Shaw.  I try to answer all questions that come up on this forum.  Over the years I have been in personal contact with Mesu users and with Mr Mesu himself.  The recent problems discussed here now are apparently mostly with the newer Mk2 version.

I believe Mr Mesu stands firmly behind all his products, just as Dan stands behind all the SiTech products.  The more products produced and sold means there will be some products that have "problems".  These are also complex products, which have "learning curves" so many times the answers are in the settings and use of controls.  Also many times the "problems" are caused by users using other programs which interact with SiTech and the mount.  A large number of problems occur when settings in two or more software try to control the same operation - you and I don't know which is the culprit.

In Jose's case, the SiTech logs show that the servos are moving properly, but the camera proves the mount is not moving properly.  With a friction drive, there "CAN" be slippage and that is what is indicated.  That is a mount problem, pure and simple.  Mr. Mesu has produced a lot of mounts over the years using friction drives and they "work".  I have never seen a Mesu Mount, but I understand the setup of the friction drives is something the user doesn't normally do.  Only Mr. Mesu does that.

All friction drives have the possibility of slippage.  Dan programmed into SiTech ways of using mount axis encoders to detect and handle "slippage".  The Mesu mounts are the only ones I know of now being produced with friction drives.  All the early Mesu Mounts used to have mount encoders.  Now they don't, so Mr. Mesu must be confident that slippage is not a problem.  but as always, with many many products produced, a few will have problems.  I think that is what we have here.

Don W

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