Re: Offset Init & flip during SGP sequencing


Hi Paul,


Thanks for the confirmation & offering to test in the east.


My procedure is the same as yours but on the opposite side of the meridian in the east. The only other difference is that I’ve not made a habit of a ‘pre-initialisation’ during the day as you do because I tend not to shut down the drive but leave it energised. If I do and have previously parked then it remembers where it is anyway. I have tried powering it off and re-initialising though but it makes no difference to the outcome.


As you say imaging opportunities are rarer these days which is why it’s so important everything works as expected.


That’s why I invested in the Mesu\SiTech combination; and it is good. I like the construction and the software and tracks & guides very nicely.


This issue can’t be down to SGP otherwise I’d see the same problem in the West and you would too. SiTech-wise the only real difference between us is our Meridian limit settings (because of our different pier arrangements) but I just don’t see why (in the east) that should cause the mount to slew to the exact mirror position on the opposite side of the meridian during plate solving?


Hopefully Don’s solution will resolve this & I can hold up my hand and apologise profusely.


Best regards


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