Re: Long term alignment (new user)


On Wed, Apr 7, 2021 at 01:54 PM, Mark Copper wrote:
The hardware is a thousand miles away.
Okay, I'm just under 500 miles away. Though I rely on others, like Don, who live closer for hands-on I do run the software at home in a simulator mode.

There are two things going on: configuration and control. The 'Using Nexus...' document should really be called 'Configuring Nexus...'. All off the shelf control programs typically have some planetarium functionality. SiTechExe has SkyView.

I'm still not clear how you're planning to control your mount, as in point at targets, using the Nexus. On Linux I suppose you can use KStars with a Nexus Indy driver or maybe Nexus has some mount operation program that's going to include a Park option, where the Nexus program effectively hides the SiTech interface from the user after its been configured.


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