Re: Offset Init & flip during SGP sequencing

paul K

Hi Martin,

Yes I initialise (and park) at Az 270. Each session (there's usually quite a lot of time between them these days) I initialise using skyview to get an offset init @ Az 270 with the scope horizontal. (I usually do this sometime during the day). I then slave the dome to the scope in SGP at the start of an imaging run and use the Sitech handpad to slew to a random location west of the Meridian, and platesolve to get an accurate offset init. I then use centre now or 'run sequence' in SGP, BUT I've always done the first platesolve west of meridian, just 'cos of trees to N and to E.

However, as I mentioned I'm moving my obs to a field with no obstructions and my plan there is to set everything up in SGP and let it start by itself, so if my target was E of meridian, when a timed sequnce starts in SGP, the first platesolve will be in the east.

I do have a bit of visibility slightly E of meridian at my current location, so I'm going to try a 1st platesolve in the East next clear night just to check this out. I'll post back.
Best wishes

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