Re: Offset Init & flip during SGP sequencing


Hi Don,


I’ve not had an opportunity to image yet but in preparation I have the settings configured as you suggested. I am initiated in the East and parked in East as I always do.


I can perform GOTO’s via Skyview, SGP, Cartes Du Ciel or Stellarium and the mount behaves as I would expect a GEM to behave. I.E. it flips if select a target on the opposite side of the meridian; either going from East to West or West to East. It goes through the pole if my target is in the opposite sky quadrant. And it re-parks correctly from anywhere in the sky.


It does not auto-flip or stop tracking when the scope tracks past the 90 deg track-past setting you suggested or if the scope tracks past either pole.


This is great but all of the above was also true of my previous settings.


The problem occurs during plate solving in the East, when the ‘InitPoint’ window appears during the adjustment (East radio button active). That’s when my mount would flip – but as I said to Paul – not a ‘genuine’ Meridian flip. It wouldn’t be pointing back at the target. It flips to the same declination but mirrors the RA position on the opposite side of the Meridian. I.E. If the target was 3hrs East of the Meridian, the mount would ‘flip’ to the same declination but 3hrs West of the Meridian.


If my scope was in the open air & not in a dome then it would actually work out because having performed this strange flip SGP re-plate solves, with the InitPoint window showing the West radio button active this time (I assume because the scope is now looking West). The plate solve error is obviously massive but the mount then returns to the correct position, plate solves again (East radio button active again when the InitPoint windows appears) and this time my imaging sequence continues as if nothing has happened.


If my target was in the West the plate solve takes place (West radio button active when the InitPoint windows appears), the mount remains where it should, it takes one or two small plate solve adjustments as you might expect and my imaging sequence continues as it should.


So Don, although I’m really hopeful that your suggested settings resolve this behaviour I’m struggling to understand how the Meridian & track-past limits can influence the plate solving\InitPoint routines in this way?


If you have any further thoughts please let me know. If not then I’ll get back to you once I’ve had a chance to actually image.


Many thanks & regards


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