Re: Mesu 200 Mk2 Tracking stops close to equator

Jose Ignacio Sanchez Rodriguez

Hello Paul,

Thanks for your post. The MKII has clutches. What I mean with not engaged is that, with the motors unclutched, I start tracking on SiTech.exe. In such a way I can perform a day test an establish a baseline for what I should expect during a night test or even during a day test under load. I just cannot setup indoors right now. Some building stuff going on at home.

If the current variation I observe in the above conditions is normal, then I can perform further tests with conditions closer to the ones last weekend. If it is not normal, then I have saved a lot of time.

As the DEC motor is idle during tracking I just checked what happens to its current when I slew the scope in DEC with the handpad. I see a similar variation in current as I observe on the RA motor while tracking in the above mentioned conditions. If I slew in RA while tracking the current does not go up much higher than while tracking. That sounds a little off, but I declare myself a total ignorant in this respect. That´s why I want to know if what I observe in this controlled conditions is normal or not.

I already sent the PHD2 and SiTech logs to Lucas. I´ll report back with his conclusions.

Best Regards,


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