Re: Long term alignment (new user)

Mark Copper

Sorry for not being clear. The Nexus is connected to the SiTech Servo Controller serial port to serial port. (

No, I'm not just staring at hardware. Worse. The hardware is a thousand miles away this week and I'm just *thinking* (and reading) about it. And to make matters worse I'm not familiar with any planetarium software -- unless you count Kstars. While thinking (in the shower, of course) it dawned on me that having just built an observatory, maybe I shouldn't need to align the telescope after every power cycle.

However, I have learned a couple things over the last day. Serge at Astro Devices kindly called and both informed me that he is working on a parking routine for the Nexus and assured me that 6-8 Mpoint objects would suffice to build an alignment model that would serve my scope (a Spica Eyes) and current purposes. Don W kindly pointed out if I can get SiTechEXE going, then SiTech also provides a parking facility and Taj at Sidereal Technologies has told me that Dan G had developed a Linux wrapper for SiTechEXE as well so I may not need to resuscitate a Windows box. Finally, there is an interesting thread this week at Cloudy Nights that mentions maintaining alignment across multiple sessions with the Nexus as well.

So I am very appreciative of the information everyone has generously provided, and am looking forward to getting hands on next week.


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