Re: Offset Init & flip during SGP sequencing

paul K

yes I think it would be a nice evolution for Sitech to accommodate the new flipless GEMS. Dan has written some brilliant stuff to get us where we are, so hopefully it's not too much work. Only Dan will know. I've recently purchased a 2.2m Pulsar and just setting it all up in a field with unobstructed sky views (!) but no electricity - so that's my latest challenge trying to keep power consumption down and solar energy available :) I might try to make a wind powered generator - we seem to get plenty of that !

Re dome driver, yes it's a steep learning curve. I used the ASCOM templates and was really fortunate to have some initial pointers from Tom How (ASCOM developer videos) and Rick and Tim at the ASCOM Developers forum. They're a great bunch.

I hope things work out for you and fingers crossed Dan might be able to provide that feature to opt out of flips. There are about 5 folks on the forum who use the eMESU and I think in years to come that will only grow.
best wishes

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