Re: Offset Init & flip during SGP sequencing

paul K

Hi Martin, yes my MESU 200 is a 2015 mk I model and needs the limits, and yes I have sgp set up like that.

Going back to the previous post, I'm intrigued that SGP will try to capture an image if the dome is slewing. As you know, the slewing property will be set to true, so why hasn't SGP detected that? I think the answer must be because SGP didn't initiate the slew and therefore isn't checking the Slewing property? I've not written ASCOM stuff outside of dome control, but just thinking about it, it's logical for the session management program to initiate program methods. Having just said that, I've realised that if I manually move my dome to an Azimuth other than the target Azimuth, (e.g. by pushing it) SGP does notice it and initiates a slew to move it back. So SGP is checking properties, but perhaps not the Slewing property if it didn't initiate the slew.

Perhaps it might be worth justĀ  trying to link things up through the ASCOM device hub and see if the behaviour is the same?

I also agree with you and Don re the new flipless mount - brilliant to have this as MFlips with an equatorial are usually painful in some way; also because they are so new, it's currently a special circumstance. Perhaps in a future release Dan might have the track past and limits as a tick box option, so those who have flipless mounts just don't see those options.

good luck with trying to sort it.

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