Re: Offset Init & flip during SGP sequencing


Hi Don,

Thank you again for your reply. I shall try the settings you suggest but what values would recommend I enter for the Under Pole settings?

I agree that my case is a somewhat special circumstance but perhaps it will become more common in due course, especially with the e200 offering 'flipless' capabilities? For such cases my personal opinion is that any kind of mandatory meridian limit or track past on a 'flipless' GEM configuration, where the scope can never collide with the pier, potentially imposes an operational limitation. Just my humble opinion.

I fully appreciate that for conventional GEM setups it forms an essential safety feature. But it would be nice to have the option to overide\ignore the feature. In my simple mind it could just a simple check box on\off option?

Regarding the pole I do anticipate imaging (slightly) under the pole & in fact I have done several times. I also have a friend setting up an observatory with an e200 on bent knee pier. Due to his site location he will certainly be looking to image under the pole some of the time.

I'll let you know how I get on.

Much appreciated

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