Re: Offset Init & flip during SGP sequencing

Don W

Hi Martin,
 Yes, I see that your settings are wrong for what you want to do.  I don't have SGP so I don't know what settings there might do.  But in SiTech your current settings allow the flip on goto and your limits are way too narrow (at 2 and 4 degrees for meridian flip limits).  That is why you are getting the meridian flips.

So to eliminate meridian flips in either direction, set the limits to 90 degrees for both directions.  With these settings, you can set the track past meridian limit to zero and uncheck the boxes for GEM autoflip both Goto and track.

With these settings, you can set up your scope either looking East or looking West (using your handpad) and when you do your initialization your mount will remain in that mode all over the sky.

You probably should check or reset your Park positions.  You should choose which orientation you want to remain in (looking east or looking west) and always use that orientation to avoid confusion with parking.
Don W

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