Re: "AutoGuide Port on Wireless HandPad Receiver

Don W

Hi Greg,

The autoguider port on the radio handpad receiver is for using a cable from the autoguider camera direct to SiTech.  Using PHD2 or most other guider camera control programs allow you to bypass the use of a cable, using ASCOM to send the guide commands from your PC to the SiTech controller.  In Maxim that uses the "Telescope" setting for the guider.  One less cable means less that can go wrong or be tripped on.

This is really the recommended method of guiding.  If you use a cable, the move commands are simply timed "move" commands for NSEW, usually in terms of 1/30 second intervals.  When you use ASCOM you are using PulseGuide which sends the guide correction to the mount in terms of how many arc-sec (or portions of arc-sec) to move.  PulseGuide is preferred by most observers.
Don W

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