Re: Does this mount use Sitech controller software?

dan adi

It looked identical to the NMT-500, so I thought I should ask. 
I think they still use the sitech controller from what I saw in a few youtube videos.
I looked around at these direct drive mounts, but the price is pretty high :) 
The Astelco is around 40K EUR. 
In sitech.exe I know there is the modeling option. After the model is made, does it affect (improve) only pointing? or does it also correct the tracking, thus enabling long unguided exposures? 
For example, I looked at direct drive mounts from ASA, and the software corrects errors in real time, like 100 times per second, thus enabling crazy long unguided exposures. 
Very interesting technology but pretty expensive for amateurs. A more reasonable approach is done by 10 micron, absolute encoders, but not direct drive.
Do you think there is a big difference between absolute encoders coupled with classic gears/worms vs absolute encoders and direct drive?
I am thinking that direct drive mounts can go along time with no servicing required ... 

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