Re: Does this mount use Sitech controller software?

Don W

That video is a view of a prototype mount demonstrating the SiTech Brushless control system.  Conventional SiTech controllers all control brush type servo motors, which must use gears to move the mount axis using either worm/gear or friction drives.  These mounts are limited in speed to a handful of degrees/second motion.

The video you reference  uses direct- drive brush type motors - no gears.  Using direct drive and absolute encoders (65 million tics/rev) the mount can move at phenomenal speeds like 90 degrees/sec and be extremely accurate.  These are expensive mounts and controllers.  However they use the same software we use on our SiTech mounts - SiTechexe.exe.

I don't know the name of this mount.  Dan Gray has made several brushless direct drive mounts over the years.  His first years ago was an Alt-Az mount that would swing around and up and down like it was doing batting practice.  It looked dangerous.

Don W

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