Re: Mesu e200 bent knee pier - GEM vs EQ

Don W

Hi Jonk,

A GEM is not a FORK/Equatorial.  It really is best to use a GEM as a GEM.

Set the Meridian West to 90° and leave the Meridian East at zero.  That will make all motion looking east with counter weight Down, and all looking west counter weight Up.  The mount will never do a meridian flip.

Set your altitude limit to whatever you want, either with the fixed alt limit in Mount Parms or using the SiTech.hrz file.  Generally astrophotography is badly affected by refraction below 30° altitude.  However you can move below the altitude limit with the handpad to set a lower Park position if desired.

DEC motion is either North (toward the North Pole) or South toward the South Pole.  If you move toward a Pole from above, when you get to the pole, the DEC motion reverses when pointed BELOW the pole.  This is true regardless of a GEM or EQUATORIAL.  Parking at the pole is truly ambiguous and will cause you problems.  Parking at the pole can not initialize RA.

The reversal of Dec you experienced when set as EQ is exactly why I say don't set it as EQ.

Don W

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