Re: Coord issue?

Jaspal Chadha

Ah thought telescope position would be in real time, so it wouldn’t off move that far of the original goto, like shown in image 2. I thought it would stay there as it’s still centre in image 3  

On 11 Feb 2021, at 20:05, Don W <westergren@...> wrote:

Hi Jaspal,
I don't see your problem.  You said you setup on NGC 457 and took images all centered on it.  Then 30 minutes later you pressed "get telescope position" and Voyager showed you image two, which is clearly marked J2000 coordinates and is a projection of the FOV by Voyager.  It is not real.  The J2000 coordinates are way over right of the JNow coordinates, as your image shows.
Don W

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