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Ross Salinger

Application software sells hardware and not the other way around. The Win10 market share is such that the vast ecosystem for the product will continue to grow even if some trivial advantage can be gleaned from a faster CPU. And, unless the Apple weenies make their own SSD's memory, etc. that will be the ONLY advantage. Very few applications are CPU bound. Don't think for a nano second that they won't charge more for this mirage of an advantage to the trendy types who have to have "the latest".

For 200 dollars you can buy a virtually new i5 chipped PC with 8gb of memory, win10Pro installed, USB3 and a 256GB SSD. Not only that, but the OS is actually still supported by MS unlike a 10 year old Mac. Note that such a device will run 10 (at least) full imaging suites that I know of. It will connect to any mount made anywhere in the world through ASCOM and every camera manufacturer makes a Windows driver.

When it comes to astronomy generally and imaging in particular, like most people, I spend 98 percent of my time in my imaging suite. I don't even press the start button on my PC's - they boot on power. After that I start mount control and then the imaging suite components. I connect everything up, again with no interaction with the OS, and start my run.

Just buy a cheap Win10Pro computer and I'll personally set it up for you to work with SiTech in a jiffy. Just don't buy the evil Prolific chipped Serial->USB converters. Many of these use a pirated chipset and they will not work. FTDI is the only way to go.


On 1/25/2021 5:33 PM, Mike Colyar wrote:
All very fine. Except I can watch cat videos on my 12 year old iMac just fine. And working with SiTech Servo doesn’t make the old hooker even breath hard.

Is there no hope of cross platform stuff so I don’t have to change computers every time someone comes up with some better application or user hardware? JAVA, .NET, Python, Delphi, Mozilla . . . . .

All this warfare. Feels like where cars were in 1900. No standards for steering or anything else. Tillers, wheels, pedals, levers. Hell, the Model T lasted until 1927 with no clutch. My grandmother quit driving when the Model A came out because she didn’t want to deal with a clutch and hand shift.

This has to get better.


On Jan 25, 2021, at 1:47 PM, Darrel Moon <> wrote:

With regard to the market share data provided by Don W., I am going to go out on a limb here and guess that will change a lot with the advent of Appel’s new M series of silicon chips which will outperform anything that intel may have up their sleeve but cannot yet produce. I have seen no reference to these chips by anyone but me in the latest exchanges in the Mac vs. Windoze comments.

Here is a link to start with:

…and from the self-serving Apple folks:

Pretty darn soon the price/performance ratio will be in Apple’s favor for the first time in a very long time. Not only will the user’s time be shorter due to a easier more rational operating system also the processing time of the new chips will be shorter due to greater computing power….the only thing going down will be the electric bill.

Darrel Moon

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