Re: First Post SiTech Ascom error #question #ascom #mesu

paul K

It was Don who put me onto the idea in the first place Shaun. It's so useful because you can do daytime testing for slews etc. I found it optimised my night sessions, and no fiddling around in the dark especially with new kit!. Once it gets dark, you just unpark, goto, then platesolve. I found it easiest to do my first platesolve of a session in a non ambiguous place (i.e. well away from the meridian) as Sitech logic requires to know whether the scope is pointing east or west at the time of the init, I generally pick an object in the SW for the first solve. After that my session management programme does various gotos, platesolves and image captures without any intervention. Sitech and MESU is a nice combination.
good luck with it,

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