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paul K

Hello ZS1RA,

You'll need to do two things 1) Initialise your mount and 2) Set up your horizon file. (It is possible via a sitech config option to ignore the horizon file, but from my experience I would not recommend that, however in the first instance to get the idea of initialisation, it may be helpful. You can find the option here: Sitech config Tab -> change config- > mount parms - use horizon file SiTech.hrz).

My advice is don't forget to re-tick this box before you use the scope at night. Other folks may have different views.

I would suggest reading the manual about the horizon file, it's fairly easy to set up. To get to the horizon file setup tab: Sitech config Tab -> change config- >Horizon file tab. Set the green line to suit your observing site.

Are you using the mount for visual purposes or for astroimaging?

If the latter, the following initiialisation process works well on my MESU 200:

Set the mount counterweight down (CWD) and scope horizontal and pointing west. Use a spirit level to check horizontal, but it's only a rough initialisation, so personally I just check horizontal by eye.
Now Power on the Sitech controller and run Sitech.exe
In the skyview application (in the 'scope' tab), use your mouse to point at the west horizon so that mouaz is close to 270 degrees (west azimuth), and mouAlt is close to zero, right click and pick 'goto or sync', then click sync from the dialog.

the scope is now initialised and tracking and I'd suggest to follow this immeiately by setpark and park at this point. When ready to goto an object, you can unpark and goto etc.

The scope is now initialised well enough to get you roughly to the right area of sky when you slew to an object. A platesolve will get you an accurate initialisation.

The above process is very useful as you can do it in daytime in readiness for an evening session and also you can use a planetarium to slew the scope during the day if you want to check your horizon file out once created.

If you're using the mount for visual observing, there are other more useful tools you'll need to use, but I don't do visual with Sitech, so can't help with that.

let us know how you get on.

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