Re: First Post SiTech Ascom error #question #ascom #mesu


Thanks for taking the time to reply Don. The programs that I use are Stellarium and PHD2. I have been having problems connecting with these programs so I ran Ascom Driver Connect to test the connection and ended got the error message that I displayed in the orignal post.

I then decided to run SiTechExe went to the Config tab checked all the settings were correct and saved the file as SitechDll.cfg and it worked BUT I now have a new problem.
My mount keeps giving me the error message Below Horizon and Not Intialized. I have my coords in decimal format inserted with the help of ServoConfig. I start my scope with the scope aligned to the SCP (I live in the Southern Hemisphere). I have tried the routine of pointing the scope to the Zenith and holding the ESC button for more than 4 seconds then the RTN button... but the error remains.

Any advice?

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