Re: Conversion of Orion Skyquest XX scope #poll- Motor runs no stop #poll-

Don W

Hi Raphael,

The encoders A and B voltages normally flip between 0 and 5 volts.  They are staggered, so they rarely both read 5 volts.  When they are moving, they should read about 2.5 volts (averaging the 0 to 5 volts).  Do these encoders still work with your old controller?  If they do work, then they are OK.  Since they all measure alike, I think the way you are measuring the voltages is the problem.  They are probably all OK.  You must verify the A and B wires, although it doesn't matter which is the A or B signal to SiTech.  The order of A and B can be easily reversed in ServoConfig.

You can not get new encoders from SiTech - the SiTech servos are made by Pittman company, and the encoders are built on to the servo motors.  SiTech only sells the complete servos with the encoders installed.
Don W

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