Re: Conversion of Orion Skyquest XX scope #poll- Motor runs no stop #poll-

Raphael T Vilardi

Hi Don  Happy Holidays!

I'm not knowledgeable in electronics, to star with, so I'm sorry if I say something silly. I rechecked the wiring.: there are two 4-way flat cables; one for the motor encoder the other for the scope encoder. The same goes for altitude and azimuth systems. I've measured the four terminals of each.  Gnd is easy to find. 5V too. The other two with 4.89V each got to be the A&B, right? The motor and scope encoders have the same arrangement. They are connected to the 8-way controller according to the wiring diagram.

There are 4 encoders. Could it be the all 4 are bad?  They were working fine with the original controller.

Should I order the encoders from Sideral Tech? I don't know whether they would fit the existing motors. I would like to order the motors too but checking their size, at 3.92 inches length it seems they wouldn't fit the existing housing and the gearbox/worm/gear without a major surgery.


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