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Raphael T Vilardi

Hi Dan
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
It is a Servo Controller II.
Reviewing your instructions: Second step:  “uncheck both of the “Man” checkboxes”. To do so one must check the “Auto” checkboxes but, if you do so the altitude and azimuth sliders stay locked. So I checked the “Man” instead.  Did I get something wrong up to this point?
After moving the altitude slider to the righ, the motor starts to run slowly clockwise. The output box reads 118, both Mot[    ]Loc reads 0. I don´t see any voltage boxes but the Amps [   ] reads 0.30.average

As I mentioned, I don´t have the full scope with me now, only the altitude set: motor, motor encoders, main gear and the scope encoders installed beneath the main gear, all these attached to one leg of the mount. Is this an issue? I  

Wiring. On the original Orion wiring: one 4-way  flat cable comes from the motor encoder and a seconf 4-way flat cable comes from another encoder linked to a smaller gear beneath the main gear which, I assume, would be scope encoder. Both 4-way flat cables connect to the Orion controller.

I measured both with a multimeter several  times: the two 4-way wires read the same: 5V, Gnd, 4.98V, 4.98V. I assume the last two to be the A & B motor encoders wires and I connected the two 4-way cables plus the motor + and – according to the Servo II wiring Diagram.

Turning on the Servo II, I measured the current, first at the Servo II  8-way  ALT/DEC connector  head screws and then at the end of the cables terminals connected to the motor encoder connectors. The reading was the same: 5V, Gnd, 4.98V, 4.98V. So, the current is flowing from the Servo II to the encoders.

What should I do now?

Best regards

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