Re: Conversion of Orion Skyquest XX scope #poll- Motor runs no stop #poll-

Dan Gray

Did you look at the other Mot[        ]Loc in case the encoders were wired to the wrong inputs (alt to az)?
Also, do the experiment again.  WHen you have the motor moving slowly, both the A and the B should be reading average of 2.5 volts (as they go high and low).
I can't remember if you have a servoI or ||, but check the A and B right ON the connector on the controller, they should be 2.5 volts when moving slowly too.
I would be really surprised if it's the controller itself, other than lightning strikes, we've had maybe one time it was the controller, not the wiring or connector.
If it's a servoI, carefully look at the modular connector.  If a plastic separator gets bent over, it will prevent the wire contact from seating in the connector.
let us know, and merry christmas everybody!

On Wed, Dec 23, 2020 at 6:26 PM Raphael T Vilardi <rtvilardi@...> wrote:
Hi Dan, I just followed the steps prescribed and yes, I got the altitude gear moving slowly clockwise and it would speed up as I moved the slider as you said it would. I had for the first time total control on speed and direction but the Mot[     ]Loc reads zero and does not change.
I don’t   have the full scope with me now but just the altitude system disconnected from the OTA. Could it be that I have to have both altitude and azimuth system connected to the servo controller for the thing to work?

Just for the record: I checked  the wiring over and over again both at the controller connector and at end connectors linking to the encoder terminals and scope encoders. The  5v  is there for both motor and scope encoders, and the motor encoders and scope encoders  A and B read 4.98v each.  So the energy is reaching the encoders.

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