Re: Nebulosity vs NINA

Don W

Hi Jesse,

As nice as it would be, I don't think a "generic" camera control in SiTech is possible.  There are two levels of camera control overall as I see it.
First there are camera control software such as Maxim, AstroArt, Nebulosity, SGP, and many others.  Each of these have their own unique sets of commands, methodologies, and ways of communicating ( many use ASCOM, but Nebulosity uses the Clipboard and a separate "Listen" program).  These software have their own long list of cameras that they can control.  Controlling an older CCD vs a newer CMOS or DSLR takes many specific commands.

Second are a lot of cameras (many are small video cameras) that use ASCOM methods to connect.  These are mostly all available via the first software group, whether they could or should be controllable directly from SiTech is  possible, but many of these are very small cameras, suitable for Planetary Video and guiding, but not large enough for platesolving.

Don W

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