Re: Nebulosity vs NINA

David Newbury

I am very interested in hearing that you are using N.I.N.A. with your SiTech controller.
I am currently using the old SGPro V2. with my MESU 200. I was waiting for V4 to be released as I was lead to believe it will support dual camera's. However, I have since found that new versions of SGPro will be subscription only! Bye Bye SGPro for me. I will go down "free" to use N.I.N.A. route instead. As I know N.I.N.A does support dual rigs and has a control setting to allow dither when neither camera is imaging. 
I have imaged with N.I.N.A but not setup a full control imaging session, as of yet. Exciting times ahead :)



On Monday, 28 September 2020, 14:49:43 BST, moofrost@... <moofrost@...> wrote:

Hi. I use NINA exclusively with Sitech. Never an issue. Through Ascom. Multiple plate solves when framing etc. Actually runs smooth as butter.

 How are you set up?

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