Re: Nebulosity vs NINA

Chris Waters


Thanks Don, seems like I persevere with Nebulosity.


On 28/9/20 3:02 pm, Don W wrote:


I guess I should start a new question,if I could find out how to,but here goes.


If I replace Nebulosity with NINA as the telescope control program can I build a plate solve mount model?


how do you keep Nebulosity in listen mode for more than a few plate solves?


Hi Chris,
Sorry but NINA is not supported by SiTech at this time.  I don't know why Nebulosity drops out of listening mode.

There is a cumbersome way to use Nina, by modifying the script to develop a PXP model to pause and manually take a Fits image in NINA and save it to the location, then let SiTech run Platesolve 2 or 3 for that PXP point, then move to the next point.

SiTech only controls the camera from the list of programs in CameraStuff in ChangeConfig.
Don W

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