Re: Blown controller fuse

James Roe

Jeff, did you get an answer to that question?  I need to know the same thing (also a tip where I can get one?)

On Tue, Sep 8, 2020, 3:35 PM Jeff Ross <jross@...> wrote:
At 64 in what I now claim as the occasional "senior" moment (used to be
just a "dumba** moment) I reversed the power to my SiTech Controller 1
and promptly blew the fuse.

Well, that's a relief--I was worried before I pulled the case apart I'd
be looking at a dead controller.

I'm sure this is in the Fine Manual or the archives somewhere but is
that a 4A/125V 3.6mm x 10mm fast blow fuse?


Jeff Ross
Townsend, MT

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