Re: ASCOM autoguiding in telescope mode not working

Ross Salinger

One thing to bear in mind - kind of a long shot - you need to select Telescope before you connect the guide camera. If you've already connected the guide camera, have the ST4 cable connected, and then change guiding methods you will have problems. Try that protocol and see what happens.  I don't know that I've had precisely the issue that you have but I've found that changing methods on the fly leads to all sorts of problems. I also noticed that your calibration seems way too large which might be actually uncovering a bug. With my OAG systems (focal lengths from 5 meters to 350mm) I use numbers between 5 and 20 seconds and that's it. You really need to zip up your settings and post over on the Diffraction Forum, I don't really see that this could be a Windows or SiTech problem.


On 7/2/2020 11:26 PM, Don W wrote:

Hi Stefan,

It is hard to know what is going on when things are inconsistent.  The guider image shows a rather dim star, so a brighter star for calibration may work.  There is also a manual method of calibration you might try

If the communication between Maxim and SiTech is garbled, maybe your PC has garbled some programs.  Reinstalling Maxim, SiTech, and ASCOM might clear something up.  Was your Windows recently updated?  That can sometimes mess things up.

Don W

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