Re: PointXP Generation with Plate Solving: Where are the scripts

Alvaro Cruz-Cabrera

Thanks for the information.  Hopefully I will manage to get it right.  Now I have to wait for the full moon to take advantage of it (I am imaging in between).


On 5/19/2020 10:12 AM, Don W wrote:

Hi Alvaro,

When you set up SiTech to do a PXP rmodel, SiTech creates a script to do the PXP model.  That script is listed in the script window where you set up the PXP model (where you tell it how many points to run).  That script is not saved to disk unless you purposely save it.  The tab "ScriptControl is where you can save or reload a script.

These PXP scripts send the mount to Alt-Az positions for each data point.  So the same script can be used over and over, months or even years later.  So if you modify a script to use your non-ASCOM camera, you can use that script any time.

So create a PXP model script, then save it with the filename you choose.  Then modify it with a text editor like NotePad to pause and read your camera image.  you will have to do this modification for each PXP data point in the script.  So try it with a small model - maybe just 3 points - to verify it works, then build your PXP modified script.  Once that is saved, you can call it up in the future to run it any time.

Don W

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